raised loft flooring
A Raised Loft Floor is a protecting deck that is raised above the level of loft insulation, allowing storage, access, and a safe platform to walk on, without damaging the insulation underneath.

Our Raised Loft Flooring System is lightweight and simple to install, yet as strong as a regular boarded loft. Insulation up to 400mm deep can be installed under the deck, where it will never be compressed, damaged, or in the way in your loft.

A staggering number of homes in the UK are failing to save the energy they expect because their insulation is compressed due to placing stored items on it. Insulation only works when it's as deep as supplied, with air trapped inside it. Squashing it destroys its thermal properties.

Our unique patent pending design is the only system that can accomodate all designs of loft (there are several) and can cope with irregular spaced joists which are found in nearly all lofts.

The system has been designed and developed in the UK and it will also be manufactured here boosting employment and with the potential for export.

But why is a raised loft floor so important?

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